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January 29, 2006


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The resemblance between "ailur-" and "allure" cannot be accidental.

Astonishingly, this obscene photograph of Attorney General Janet Reno's gunmen accosting Elian Gonzalez was never more than a blip on the MSM media's radar screen.

This is how law enforcement personnel equip and act when they have to forcefully enter a building to conduct a search or make arrests, risking their lives in the process.

Officers making a raid don't know whether the next door conceals a frightened child or gun-toting crimebot waiting in ambush, and so they lead with their firearm in hopes that the half second it takes them to discern friendly from hostile isn't used by a hostile (who is under no such restriction) to put a bullet through them.

Therefore, it is the law breakers themselves who bear full responsibility for putting a child in harm's way - the agents in the picture bear none, and anyone who thinks differently should take a moment to consider what sort of practical alternatives are available to law enforcement personnel entering an unknown, dangerous and possibly lethal environment in the course of their duties and if they come up with none, to then consider whether their reaction is visceral rather than logical.

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