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January 03, 2006


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More of a typo than a misspelling I would say. I consider spelling important and try to get it right but sometimes I slip up. Or I am in a hurry. (just about always) The only spelling bee I ever participated in was in my third grade year. I was soooo excited because I had studied hard and was a pretty good speller. But I was impulsive and blurted out B-I-C-K when I was asked to spell bike. Talk about a bad memory.

There is a definite difference between typos and misspellings. I often have typos and I use the spellchecker to catch the more outrageous ones. Then I have to reread to catch the homonyms... and even then I will sometimes only catch a mistake after I post.

OTOH - my son can't spell to save his life and his spelling classes didn't seem to help much at all. It was one of the biggest reasons he barely made it through his foreign language requirement in high school...

Then again, how many people were spelling "condom" in their grade school spelling bees?

Mary Barbara... if you look at the point of the original post - maybe more grade school spelling bees than you might think... (I am being slightly facetious but not too much)

Thanks for including me in your update! Do you remember one of the Charlie Brown/Peanut television specials where Charlie Brown is in a spelling bee and he misspells (of all words) "beagle." My daughter was in the finals of a junior high spelling bee and misspelled the word, "kittenish." That just killed her because she is such a cat-lover. She misunderstood them, thinking that kittenish was kitchenish. We've never let her hear the end of that one.

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