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January 13, 2006


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Great to see Tiny home but the nursing care sounds like a full time job but well worth it.

So happy Tiny is home..good luck with administering those meds..but what a small price to pay for having your precious love back with you.

Glad Tiny is back and well.

It is good that Tiny is back home.

When it comes to sniffs-and-swats, I keep trying to get a Piper thwack of Nardo on film/chip, but she is too fast.

Oh, what good news, Sissy! I'm so glad that your beautiful Tiny is home and doing well.

When we bring one of ours home from the vet, the other two hiss, swat and run away. I guess the one who has been to the vet doesn't smell right.

Tiny looks quite funny sticking her tongue out at her brother like that.

Glad she's home, and good luck with the nursing/care.

Best news of this entire week. We've been hounding St. Francis with petitions for your precious pet.

Love and kisses, purrs and cuddles.

Such great news. Thanks for posting the photos.

Wicked good news! Best of luck w/ the pilling and meds.

But Baby got the last word - he's sticking his tongue out at Tiny.

That picture is priceless.

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