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December 15, 2005


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My father was a US Marine for 23 years active duty and another 7 in the Reserves. After retirment, he was a civic, religious, and business leader in the community and state for many years. He died a very accomplished man. But the accomplishment he was most proud of, was that he was United States Marine.

God bless this young man as he seeks to fulfill his own civic duty, and to do it with the best. Semper Fi - Always Faithful. Is there a better slogan anywhere?

While I happen to be partial to the Army... may I say GO MATT!!! No matter what branch of the service you look at, you find outstanding men and women like Matt, they are smart and dedicated. We are certainly blessed to have them defending us.

None better, Michael. Thank you for your wonderful comments honoring your father.

Teresa: I was thinking of you and your son when I was writing this, thinking about the healthy competition among the branches of the service.

I salute all of them and their home-fire-burning families, but especially you and yours, first among equals in my military-challenged world. I am in total awe.

A truly inspiring story, of which all Amercans should be proud. The liberals with their distorted view of what the world is and their disdain for this nation -- the finest and most outgoing of any that ever existed -- should crawl away in shame.

Matt Pottinger gives me great hope for the future of America.

I agree with goomp,there are many people living a bountiful and secure life in this country that should crawl away in shame.Many of them just happen to be liberals.Funny,that.

I am always awed by the incredible men and women we turn out in this country that put it all on the line so that this nation and its people can continue to live in freedom.

I stained my finger purple today before I went to school to honor the Iraqi people but when the students asked me why my finger was purple I didn't answer them. I just told them I stuck it in purple ink. Maybe when they go home they will see it on the news. For, you see, I am not allowed to speak about politics at school. I got in trouble a few months ago when I explained (in a very vague way) about war after a student asked me why President Bush kills Iraqis. Thank God we have such young men willing to serve our country who have much more guts than I do.

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