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December 05, 2005


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It's a simple choice, really. SAVE ME from total humiliation!!!

I crack up when I look at the list, actually. I have to wonder if Wretchard, for example, will click over to see the competition, stumble on my blog, and think, "WTF is this clown doing here???" HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

It's not just you who can't vote yet. The dang poll isn't posted yet! After I've already spammed my mother for a vote, no less!

(And yes, actually, Janette and I were just saying "um, where is Sissy?" People are just stupid, obviously. How else would I be there, anyway?)

Thanks darling Sissy. (that is what my niece and nephews call me but I am Mimi to my grandson) I am not able to get on my blog, the Wide Awake Cafe for some reason but we are able to vote now for the best of the weblogs. Thanks for the recommendation. The last time I was nominated for anything was in college and it was for best actress for playing the role of Lizzie, the old maid in the Rainmaker. (long time ago) I won.

Don't forget to vote for the prettiest blog (me!)


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