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December 28, 2005


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I can't tell you the number of times I have seen couples do the following...

One of them will say, "On Tuesday I went to the store and bought peanuts." The spouse will say, "No you didn't! It was Wednesday!"

This is never said with anything but contempt and worst of all - it is completely irrelevant to the person listening to this exchange because we don't really care what day of the week it happened! It simply makes everything uncomfortable. And you know if this is the public face - the private face of the relationship is MUCH worse!

I hope Tuck can get the heating pipe fixed! Wow - what a job!

May I venture to guess that Tuck's labors were not incidental to your thoughtful post on marital success, and that the good fellow has scored some points with his better half... :)

I tell my kids it's especially important to be kind (and polite) to the people we live with: we see them every day, after all. Who wants a home that's filled with anger and unpleasantness? Unfortunately a lot of people never learn how to be kind. There's an assumption it's just a skill you can absorb through osmosis, when in reality it takes a lot of practice.

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