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December 08, 2005


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"Unsafe under their leadership" is the warning to the people who would elect arrogant, fuzzy-minded liberals to public office.

You're saying that crack 9/11 Commission didn't get to the bottom of this? Is that what you're saying, Sis?

PS Did Peggy Noonan really call you a doll?

Yes, but she was off her meds. :)

The things that go on behind the scenes that we know nothing about. ... Even if you make absolutely zero assumptions on who the players are in the background... it's still amazingly alarming that they were willing to dump all this information.


"We suppose it depends upon what your definition of legitimate is."

Not those who were minding the store in '01...


You all should check out The Center for Cooperative Research's web site. It has an extensive Able Danger timeline, based on mostly MSM sources.

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