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December 20, 2005


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Lacrymosa is so utterly beautiful and sad. I was blessed while in junior and senior high schools to be in chorus and our choral directors taught us Latin choir music. We sang Lacrymosa in senior high and scored number one in our state in competition and the music touched something very deep for me and many of the other students. One of my fellow choir members was an alto like me and we both loved it as well as Christus factus est and O Justi.... and actually sang it outside of practice and performance. My fellow choir member became a song writer later and wrote most of Barbara Mandell's biggest hits such as Sleeping Single in a Double Bed and I was Country when Country Wasn't Cool. She's also written songs for Amy Grant and with Janis Ian. I am very sad that kids are not exposed or allowed to experience the sacred music in public schools anymore. And I love the Pieta by Michelangelo of course. My favorite of his works. Thanks for your inspirational post. May God bless Michael Yon and Sissy.

Another form of beauty in unexpected places.

Not just blogging, but visiting my favorite blogs, and finding new ones. Long, gray days of winter would be excruciatingly dull without the blogs.

Well, I guess you have to leave your Baghdad hotel to get a good photo. And that Time Plame/Wilson photo is hilarious, altho clearly it's mean to be PROFOUND

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