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November 13, 2005


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What a wonderful turn of events! And on a birthday celebration day too!

I received many lovely presents on my 86th, but the return of my Lucie was more than I could have hoped.

Marvelous ..a happy ending is the best kind of ending I like.

Mr.Perkins and Lucie will work it out.Cat always do..they are practical that way...

What marvelous news! I have been saying prayers that Lucie would return home.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts about a pussycat. :)

Congratulations, Goomp! How lovely to celebrate a long and varied life along with the return of your beloved cat! You are doubly--or infinitely blessed this day.

Happy 86th!

I have been pretty much offline over the weekend except for a couple of little checks for email! A very Happy Birthday Goomp (it's only 11pm - so I still have an hour *grin*) And what a terrific present for you. I can see the two of them now - playing like mad in the middle of the night... LOL.

Many thaks to all for the kind thoughts.


So glad to hear of Lucie's safe return. We have two kitties of our own, who are strictly in-door.

Speaking as a longtime (lifelong) cat owner/ownee, the indoor/outdoor thing is a trade-off; longer lifespan and better health vs. a shorter but more exciting existence.

I recall my wife's late cat Bunny who enjoyed regular outdoor access, and I have to say it was enchanting to watch how "alive" she became when she got outside, so I can see why people do let their cats out.

But when all is said and done I choose to keep our furry kids indoors; this is basically driven by selfishness and the feeling that even a "long" feline lifespan of 15-20 years is woefully insufficient - I'll guard every day of that like an overprotective miser. :)


PS - an extra bravo to Goomp for keeping Purrky after Lucie's return! That kind of thing really brightens my day.

Wicked awesome, Scott. I totally agree with you about everything. There is nothing to take your breath away like the sudden joy that overtakes Tiny and Baby when they jump out of the car up at Goomp's and realize they are free once again to be all they can be.

And not just for them, but for us. As Thoreau wrote, "The most alive is the wildest. Not yet subdued to man, its presence refreshes him."

And yet, and yet. I totally understand your "selfish" desire to keep them inside. Not to mention my sympathy for the moles and voles and birds who fall prey to their tooth and claw when they are free to roam outdoors. Tiny actually caught and killed -- and tried to eat before I snatched it away -- a tiny mouse in the kitchen the other night. They are true to their natures whatever their circumstances.

I do hope your words encourage Goomp, who is starting to feel overwhelmed at the hisses and growls and bad appetites of this period of adjustment between Lucie and Purrky.

"I do hope your words encourage Goomp, who is starting to feel overwhelmed at the hisses and growls and bad appetites of this period of adjustment between Lucie and Purrky."

Are Purrky and Lucie fixed? We had a similar experience when we adopted Sofie, our current ladycat - in her case she was not only un-spayed but in heat, so she would alternate between yowling for "special" attention, and trying to tear the face off our boycat Loki.

Spaying her took care of most of the problem, but it still took another month or so before Sofie and Loki were getting along (gradual introduction controlled by pet barriers plus Loki's willingness to stick up for himself also helped) - now the two of them are very close, cuddling and grooming each other as well as being co-conspirators in mischief (we sometimes refer to them as "Bonnie and Clyde").

One thing I have found (as you already appear to know well) is that cats do much better in twos than by themself, and in the long run I think Lucie and Purrky will be good for each other.


Both fixed. I wish they would read your comments. :)

"And yet, and yet..."

That's how I feel when I see our kitties at the french doors, watching the world outside... :\

I'll definitely have to get better about giving them some time out on leashes.

Thanks to all for their good wishes for the three of us, Lucie, Purrky and Goomp.

So happy for you!!! I am panic stricken if one of mine is gone overnight. The most has been three days. Hard to believe you got Lucie back after so long - and on Goomp's B-day besides. Truly wonderful.


GOOMP rocks...

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