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November 25, 2005


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What a terrific spread, and lovely photographs.

The WSJ article you reference was a scream. As one of those accursed consultants myself (though not for one of the companies involved in preparing the article) I alternated between cringing and laughing as I read my way through the PowerPoint presentations.

An earthy preview of heaven, right down to the kitties combing the centerpiece.

Sisu told it like it was, superb!

We had he same problem. With our fresh/frozen turkey.

A few years back I learned from a television show... alas I can NOT remember which one... that "fresh" turkey is generally chilled down to that crystalizing point. It's very very cold thus many people are caught off guard when they find out that the turkey is what normal people consider to be half frozen. It's a semantic game - they keep it at that temp to prevent the bird from going bad... and can legally sell it, labelling it as "fresh".

I usually pick up my "fresh" bird on Tuesday... by Thursday it's "thawed" in the refrigerator to the point of being ready to go. (I do small turkeys - since we never have more than 5 people... and this year it was just my husband and I)

Your turkey turned out lovely and it sounds like all of you had a terrific time... especially the kitties. *grin*

My friends and I ordered a Tur-Duck-Hen. Boy was it tasty. Stuffed with chicken and duck with layers of stuffing in the turkey, quite nice.

The gravy was made from the turduckhen drippings and we made a lovely roux of toasty butter and soy flour (friend is diabetic, so no carb product).

Sounds like everyone had good eats.

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