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November 18, 2005


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Now when one of the most democratic Americans questions the president's policies, he is called unpatriotic.

Another dem with a guilty conscience defending his fellow from a charge that was never made... but this time the charge should have been made; after all the righteous chest beating of the dems about the patriotism of a quick withdrawal, they are unpatriotic for following that performance by voting to stay in Iraq when forced to back up their wailing and moaning with a vote.

Or to put it more simply; being patriotic includes picking a principle (one that can at least arguably be said to be pro-American), and sticking to it.

I can respect if not agree with the 3 who voted for an immediate pullout; that took nerve, among other things. But the rest of the dems who voted against their own motion that day cast off any remaining shreds of credibility.

Let's not forget a similar political stunt - Rangel's motion for reinstating the draft; another case of the dems hiding in the closet under a sheet with eyeholes and moaning, after loudly warning against the ghost in the closet.

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