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November 18, 2005


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Well - I pretty much lost interest in the proceedings after I was informed that my blog was too small to really join in the fun. So, while I didn't withdraw - I'm simply watching to see what happens.

I figure if it's a success I'll get nothing out of it - and if it's a failure... I'll still get nothing. So I'm not losing out either way. I hope they succeed - I certainly don't wish failure on them. It might only be a rocky start - or it may be that the core group won't be able to keep things together, only time will tell.

Although I must admit I was surprised to see Ann Althouse and (in her comments) Steven Den Beste expressing the view that they were invited to join up only because of their "name cred". It brings on the stifling notion by us little fry out here in blogland - that the only interest we find in the big bloggers is their usefulness in linking to us. (a rather distasteful notion)

Like I said I'm waiting to see - but however it turns out - it won't effect me in the least.

This whole thing has become quite distasteful. I used to enjoy Ann Althouse big time but now dread visiting her blog. Too many bodily fluids -- can you say spleen? --for my taste.

I think the best part of blogging may now be history.

'Am working feverishly to blog something about it. Got the cutest email from blogger Martin Lindeskog of Ego -- http://egoist.blogspot.com/ -- who asked "Sissy, am I a wingnut?"

I replied that yes, you and I are wingnuts in the alternative world where genuine wingnuts live.

This maybe isn't so much fun any more. Breathe deeply, deeply . . . At least Tuck and I had a great WSJ online puzzle date and then a great Sissy supper.

Tomorrow is another day.

A great photo. Thanks for writing all about the big doings. I am not much of a joiner and like to be aloof from such things but love to read about people who do.

I was (of course!) very upset they dropped Pajamas Media, though I can in some way understand why. It is a narrow name, restricting in some ways.

I've thought about changing the name of my blog, but haven't yet come with anything better. Would it make my blog a better one? After all, what's in a name?

...that which we call a dodo
By any other word would smell as fowl.

Teresa, I'm on their blogroll as a "contributor," having been involved from the start, but my few-hundred-unique visitors a day didn't interest them much, either.

When they sent me the invite to the big do in NYC, I couldn't stop laughing. Judy Miller as the keynote speaker? What, Jayson Blair wasn't available? Good God, how tone-deaf can you be?

Sissy, the best part of blogging hasn't even begun. "OSM" doesn't know whether it wants to be an ad network or a news network, from the looks of things, and the people running it don't seem to have enough of a handle on it to do either very well at all.

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