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November 16, 2005


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Sissy, I'm so sorry you can't be here! I was hoping to meet you.

Looks like you're enjoying the meeting online, though.

Be well.

Darling. I'm with you in spirit. 'Can't wait to read your take. I have nominated you for King of Spades in Aaron's "Deck 'O Bloggers 2005" competition, by the way. :)

I wish I could have gone to the coming out party - this moving business messed me up for so many things... lately travel has been the big one. This is the second thing I've missed since the move. Although I'm such a small little blogger I'm pretty sure no one will miss that I'm not there. *grin*

And I'm still laughing at the "pin heels" - Yeah Sissy! Way to go.

Shall we start a pool on what the new new name will be? “Open Source Media” has already been taken. They're infringing on somebody else's service mark.

They've got the dot org, as dot com had been taken.

LOL! I made a quick translation in english and I was not quite sure how to say that. If you confirm that the phrase "taking a walk with the pin heels over Wonkette" does make any sense in english, i will edit the post :)
Anyway, the substance doesn't change: Wonkette is crying. With her paid staff ;)

a.man. @ The Right Nation

Oooh. Thanks for all the great comments. Too much fun.

For a.man @ The Right Nation: We usually call them "spike heels" rather than "pin heels" stateside . . . I loved it that the literal Google translation was such a girly thing.

My original verb, "trounce," means to "to defeat decisively." But the image of a girl blogger of the right taking a walk on the wild side in her sexy spike heels over an offending girl blogger of the left is just too delicious.

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