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November 05, 2005


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Everything you say is obvious truth to any but the rampant atheists who are filled with hubris and want to think they are intelligent enough to know more than the wisdom of history. I personally am agnostic and am not smart enough to know whether G-d exists or doesn't. I am smart enough to know that the moral codes of the Judeo-Christian beliefs are the accumulated wisdom of 6000 years of human thought, and the best civilization the world has known developed from them. It is tragic to see this destroyed by Intellectual Morons and those who wish to be commissars.

Hello Sissy,

First time here (via Daily Pundit) and a great post. Really fine writing and a great topic.



*Not* my first time here, as you well know - terrific post. Watch out for incoming trackback.

The Other Barry

By the way, Goomp - clearly you are an ultra-Orthodox agnostic if you don't fully write out YHWH's name. ;-) Very nice, that.

Slam dunk- great post.

In fact, they hate us because they are not us- and can never allow themselves to be us. They would have to give up the hate and superiority.

Hello sis.

Its not a free market, its not fair and its not honourable, but you knew that already didn't you?

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