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November 29, 2005


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WooHoo! MY name in lights *grin* thank you m'dear. I didn't want to be too harsh... but I have been surprised at the type of problems that have cropped up at the beginning of this venture - every business has problems but the presentation problems really surprised me. I'm still in the wait and see mode as far as whether it will fly or not.

As for rankings... I've dropped down to Marauding Marsupial from Large Mammal. Lest anyone think that this is bothering me... I know that I am only ranked as highly as I am because of being on Munu - all the munu blogs link to each other. I certainly don't have the number of readers to put me up there! (not to mention I didn't even notice this until you blogged about the ecosystem yesterday) I still have to find out why my munu blogroll doesn't show on my front page... *sigh* fun and games with blogs.

I can understand about the open trackback posts, but I don't understand why I lost almost 40 links when I don't participate in them.

I do not understand the concern about the inline trackbacks, as those simply reduce the need to click to see who is trackbacking. It makes the conversation part of blogging easier to utilize.

Whatever the Bear wants to do is fine with me since I'm not paying for the service, but I'm not sure whether I'm seeing improvement or simply change.

I'm getting my highest traffic ever, between 2500-3000 visits daily. Yet I dropped to Maurading Marsupial, too.

I'm at a loss at how the ecosystem is tweaked.

Holy smokes! Do you think they actually took my suggestion about a line or two from each blog??? Or maybe someone else suggested it... anyhow - I hit one of the links from Instapundit today and all the links in the post had a little blurb from each blogger!!! Much Much MUCH better reading.

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