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October 05, 2005


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Ack! What a pain... Your pictures are so good - I'm really sorry you had to go back and upload so many of them again.

Somehow when you are one of the 2% it certainly doesn't help you to hear that... "hey we did pretty good, most everyone else is back to normal"... gee thanks bunches!

Is there any way to backup your picture directory? I don't remember if that was possible back when I was using typepad. If you can, you may just want to do a backup of the entire directory - so if things go blam again - you just have to reload... (but you'd have to keep pretty much up to date with the backup)

The explanation, glad you are still here. I was worried when the link went blank. Too bad you had to reupload all your images. That sucks. Btw, I love your images, particularly the kitties and now that they are bigger, they are the cats meow.

How awful to have to do all that work reinstating your photos. Technology is great until it malfunctions. Then, it's a pain!

hi there -

I'm really sorry you've lost those images. I know that it's a lot of work, and I'm doubly sorry that you feel the reaction of the company wasn't quite what you expected.

TypePad is offering 6 months free service to anyone who lost 1 - 29 photos, and 1 year to anyone who lost more than 30 photos.

If there's anything else I can do, just let me know.

As Teresa already put it, ACK!

Perhaps it's time to set up your own domain? Nothing is bullet proof I know, but perhaps it might be a bit more so than typepad?

I cringed when I read this entry. What a horrifying thing to have happen to you.

Something tells me the provider's backup processes are pathetically inadequate. There is simply no excuse for their failure.

gotsha !!

Bummer...I had a provider go toes up and disappeared the whole blog and my prepaid fees! Fortunately I had a current MT export file...but reloading the blog software and images was a huge job. Maybe Jeff is right...time for a "real" server share.

I have been very happy at Hosting Matters, they have a neat WYSIWYG control panel that makes management a snap and since many of the big blogsdogs are on their servers they really do try extra hard, the tech support is exceedingly patient with server newbies and you can do backups with a provided utility or FTP your folders down, as you like.

However, nothing is perfect, especially in in cyberspace, stuff happens and as you found out even the infamous five "9" rating means a percentile gets screwed over.


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