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October 20, 2005


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Y'know I really hate to say it... but why is the Federal Government funding a pet shelter? At the very highest level it should be the state that funds something like that. Not to be mean to animals with no home - but I don't quite see how that can be considered a good use of Federal money.

Did you catch (also on Instapundit) that one of the Senators from the finance committee was issuing threats... I'd be willing to say it's nearly 100% certain both the Special K twins voted against. Although at the moment they appear to be in good company. Are there any Republicans in the Senate??? Just wondering.

If all bloggers will keep the heat on Congress it will at least make the members nervous. Generally they are a reprehensible group and are not happy if they are not pulling the wool over the eyes of most their voters.

Wow, I can hardly stand the suspense, waiting to see how Kennedy will vote

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