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October 22, 2005


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I've read Drudge and Lucianne from the first day I went online. Before then I had my boss print out their "front" pages! But the blog that got me into blogging is Jeremy Lott's little blog called Jeremiads. It was really the first "little blog" I had ever read. I noticed that he used blogger, so I clicked on the icon and the rest if KittyLitter history. I was minimally computer-literate at the time and didn't have the bloggiest idea what I was doing.

I would say the two that influenced me the most have been Stryker and Michele. Kevin at Wizbang gave me a shot early on but my trying to be political usually ends in some sort of train wreck.

Okay, html doesn't work. That's Stryker from www.digitalwarfighter.com and Michele from www.asmallvictory.net.

The really hysterical thing about my blog-children... I'm slightly to the right of Genghis Khan on most issues, but I have a diverse readership; the two blogs I spawned are both written by devout and unreconstructed liberals. :-)

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