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October 25, 2005


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So if this guy is gonna get into some crap for being involved with the Oil for Food scandal, what about the american companies that had their fingers in the "honey pot" as well?

Name one, Jolly Sap, and be ready for legal action if you are wrong.

Great post. I linked, Sissy, but the Typepad trackback seems still to be on the fritz.

They're getting indicted too. For example, this guy: http://www.cnn.com/2005/LAW/04/14/oilfood.indictment/. Still, there ought to be a steeper penalty for worms like Galloway who use a charity as a front for their theft.

Escalating vulgarities from poor, misunderstood George Galloway are inevitable. The rule is that ninety percent of most scandals remain well-hidden. In politics, however, it is only a scamster's incompetence, or -- as in this case -- the physical collapse of his pay-pals, that ever sheds light on even the most egregious corruption.

Put Galloway in context of Kofi Annan, et al. As in Galloway's case, it has been some years now since this festering poseur was first exposed. What's followed just piles the manure higher... anyone with a vestige of honor or integrity would have resigned long since, rather than merely increasing the decibel levels of his rants. We wonder why Parliament and the UN, as institutions, seem helpless in the face of self-destruction? All any decent citizen can say is, "Good Lord! Who ARE these creeps? Can't anyone take action?"

George Galloway is Scots not Irish. We have more than enough of our own assholes without having to put up wiith him.
Jim Braiden

Dear Sissy,

Last month George Galloway and Jane Fonda were scheduled to speak here in Madison, WI. Fonda said she was sick, or sickening, whatever and no-showed. Galloway was there and I weaseled into the press conference with home made credentials and a friend and I infiltrated the press conference and got some good Q&A on video.

Mr. Galloway comes to Madison


Uncle J

I too, ran afoul of Typepad's pinging problems. But I am pleased to see your vindication. Never did understand what was so impressive about Galloway's performance in May.

There were Americans and american companies involved. They were all strangly anti-bush and anti-war though. =(

To Collin and Jolly Sapper:

Please NAME the American companies and individuals involved.

Thank you,

My investigation (http://www.seixon.com/blog/archives/politics/george_galloway/perjury_investigation/index.html) into Galloway right after his Senate testimony showed that he conspired to conceal Mr. Zureikat's role in the Mariam Appeal. He claimed during the testimony that he had "told everyone" about Zureikat, and that he was a businessman in Iraq, and that he gave large amounts of money to Mariam Appeal. One problem: he lied.

In addition to Coleman's findings that Galloway failed to disclose Zureikat's donations for 2000 in the standard "interest" declaration in the UK, my evidence shows that Zureikat was not cited on the Mariam Appeal website as a donor, nor credited with helping fund it, even though the governments of UAE and Saudi Arabia were.

This shows that Galloway knew that Zureikat's role in the Mariam Appeal could not withstand scrutiny, so he made sure no one knew about his donations.

With the evidence now compiled by the Coleman panel, anyone can see why Galloway kept Zureikat a secret.

Colin and Jolly Sapper.........crickets?

Detailed and complete overview of the "smoking gun" against George Galloway:

Search bar: "Oil for Food" American companies.

"David Chalmers, owner of the Houston-based company Bayoil Inc., which participated in the U.N. program, was arrested in the Texas city Thursday and made an initial appearance in federal court. Chalmers and two associates are accused of paying millions to the regime of Saddam Hussein to secure oil deals, thereby diverting money from the U.N. humanitarian aid program."

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