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October 08, 2005


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After reading milblogs for my information on what is really happening in Mosul or Najaf or darn near anywhere else around the world... my question during the Katrina coverage was...

Why are all these bloggers taking this news at face value? If this was coming out of a war zone they would question every comma and period. Why would they accept the reporting on a hurricane to be any better than the drek that is touted as war coverage?

The amazing thing on the part of the bloggers during the disaster... "news" was being tossed at us - but none of the prominently read bloggers ever questioned the stories - especially the Superdome stories. They were all taken at face value as "fact".

Good question, Teresa...and it happens OVER AND OVER again. The chest-pounders in the blogosphere (big and small) make the same mistake repeatedly, while claiming to be the MSM's "fact-checkers." Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

(See also: Miers Derangement Syndrome)

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