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October 17, 2005


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Poor Baby! Look up Outright Pet Odor Eliminator by Bramton (just type it into google and look about). I never tried it on skunk - but it used to get the "cat spray" smell off my dog beautifully. You mix a teaspoon in a small bowl of warm water and it's ready to go. (the water activates the enzymes)

I used to use it directly on my dog - no ill effects. I would even use it on my own hands after getting her cleaned up... Works on carpets (although as usual you'd want to test it in an inconspicuous place just in case!), walls, etc.

I even used it on the carpets when my kids were small and would get sick before being able to get to the bathroom... it's amazing stuff. I'd be very surprised if it didn't work on skunk odor too. Lasts forever since you only have to use a little at a time.

Also found some other stuff online - don't know how well it works Skunk-off by Thornell. They claim it stops odor instantly. Good luck and give Baby some loving when the odor is all gone *grin*

Call your vet... they have something that will fix the poor cat right up.....

And then get the polecats out of your yard. Nasty critters!

You can't really humanely trap skunks... if you use a live trap, you will be sprayed. They vehicle you try to move them in will be sprayed... a real mess. If you do use a live trap, rig a line and barrell so you can drown the skunk - not nice.

Best to use a high-powered pellet gun... high-powered like Beeman - something serious, not the cheap toys. (one of these will be several hundreds of dollars) get a .20 or .22 caliber pellet gun with 8 or 900 or better fps muzzle velocity. .17 is too small even at very close range. Some cities consider using an air-rifle discharging a firearm - even though they are not firearms - in the city.

I would use a .22 cal firearm if you can, but you had best be way out in the country.

One thing the American government could do is recruit the deli owners. In my little (NYC) neighborhood, and even in many Boston ones near BU (where my sister is), the deli owners are generally Arab, and very nice, working to integrate themselves into American culture. They are unobtrusive, capitalist, and willing to fight to protect what is theirs.

On a slightly different note, I had a cat sprayed by a skunk when I was a kid in NH. I don't remember what we did for him though. He hated baths, so maybe we just locked him out on the breezeway until the stink went away.

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