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October 12, 2005


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Clinton's reaction to the USS Cole bombing was one of his few true failings, and his lackluster response may well have made it easier for terrorist networks like al-Qaeida to mobilise against the United States. I run a political blog that's been offline for a while and I recently reactivated. You had left comments there before, and I hope that you will do so again as I could really use the feedback. Thanks a bunch, and I hope to hear from you on the issues.

The "it's all Bush's fault" MSM and IMs will either wake up to the war against the West which is being waged against us or they will be eliminated by the Jihad.

I always have to laugh when people vilify the President - Clinton, Bush, Carter, whoever - as being at the center of one failing or another.

We clearly put too much confidence in the ability of one man (gender deliberate, for the U.S. still hasn't gotten around to having the guts to elect a woman to its highest office) to determine the fate of a nation.

The situation vis-a-vis terrorism wouldn't have been much different no matter who was in power.

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