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September 22, 2005


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Thanks for the reminder and especially for the pork link.

I emailed our representative this morning. His grade is 73% -- would've been better but he voted yea on that horrible prescription boondoggle.

Anyway, thanks for getting me started; I'd been procrastinating.

BTW, Kennedy hasn't been up to speed on anything since he crawled out of the pond in a drunken stupor. However, he does have the Kennedy ability to hire excellent staff and use them well.

Have you noticed he has trouble putting sentences together lately?

Sometimes I really miss Massachusetts -- especially this time of year. But I sure don't miss having him for my senator...I wonder whatever happened to Margaret Heckler?? She used to be my rep.

"To add a new "saw," "something ventured, something gained". Ripples on the surface from a beginning breeze come before a howling gale and an ocean torrent of shaking waves.

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