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September 14, 2005


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I got caught up in the foo-for-aw, the use of a "Crescent" just seemed - and to some extent still seems - inappropriate: as I tried to fax to the project, a better nod to Islam would be a quote from the Koran at the SCOTUS building.

But I wonder if the reaction would have been the same if instead of "Crescent of Embrace" the title had been "Arc of Triumph".

Sissy -- "feet of clay"??? Come on. I've put forth the argument here that the real issue - since all agree that the design easily lends itself to an interpretation containing an Islamic symbol - is that the designer rightly should be questioned, there should be reasoned public dialogue and debate, and the issue resolved.

You continue to ignore the morality of the design. Had the designer instead created "Swastika of Solemnity" for a holocaust memorial and put forth *exactly* the same words (merely substituting 'swastika' for 'crescent' and 'angles and lines' for 'arc') in defense of the design, would you still be defending him simply because he is a *designer*?

You seem to be coming from the position that a designer should never be questioned. That those unwashed masses - not being of the holy order of *designers* - are somehow unfit and too ignorant or stupid to ever question a *designer*.

What's worse is your treatment of Steyn, Malkin, Captain Ed and others here who disagree with your view is no better than that exhibited by some of the less tolerant critics here of the designer and you - which you have rightfully criticized.

Expecting anyone - conservative, liberal, or whatever - to bow down to the words of a *designer* as though only *designers* are the ultimate arbiters of truth, beauty, and aesthetic responbility is conceited, elitist, and simply absurd.

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