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September 12, 2005


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I'm not sure there is ANY type of memorial that would be acceptable. So far as I know people have objected to every memorial proposed for as long as I can remember. (I still remember the uproar over the Vietnam Wall...)

The real problem with this one is the unfortunate naming. Even I (and I hardly pay attention at all) know that the Red Crescent is an Islamic symbol. They could most certainly have called it "The Embrace"... claiming to have used the red/orange trees in order for it to stand out from the surrounding areas. Now it's too late. They could change it to some sort of flowering tree... such as Cherry which would be lovely in the spring...

The problem comes with the architect's hubris and it's all about me. I said crescent, and no one has a right to question me. Phooey.

Yes, shrill. Or if you don't want to go that low, I'll be happy to. And she's not the only shrill one so far as the Memorial's concerned, IMO.

Another side that no one is talking about is the name. "Crescent Embrace" as in the poKoranic call to surrender or embrace Islam.

Then we find out that at least in part Terisa Heinz is behind $500,000. The same Heinz that at least in part help pay for the FIRST Muslime terrorist World Trade Tower bomber's lawyers. What a big freaking surpise.

Well, I have to say I agree with Malkin. When I first saw the design, I felt my stomach twist. I have read all I can about it and I feel the crescent represents Islam.

AFter the Flight 93 movies I googled some of the family members who sounded very liberal. I hate to even bring it up because they've suffered so terribly, but they made some pretty bold statements right after 9/11 about how anti-war they were.

How does this design get picked out as the winning design over the other ones??? This design was just one of over a thousand proposals, and clearly this architect's design does have symbolic overtones [even if only one American see it!!!] that cannot be rationally dismissed.
However, let's not blame the architect, RATHER.... BLAME THE IDIOTS [AND POWERS THAT BE] WHO PICKED THIS DESIGN OUT OF A THOUSAND OTHER ONES!!! Coincidence??????? As an American, I am utterly ashamed and we Americans need to make those who picked this design personally accountable.

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