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September 11, 2005


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As you said yesterday everything is in the name: "Arc of Embrace," and the visions are of glory rather than of hate.

It is a crescent as is the Islamic symbol. Was it intended to be one and the same? I think so but maybe not. Does it matter? No. It is a legit argument. A cross could be an "x" on it's side but I guarantee that it would never be allowed in that field. The possible designs are only limited by the human imagination which has no limit. It is a poorly chosen design. Get your head out of the sand.

The red crescent points towards Mecca. How much more obvious does the design have to be? Does Bin Laden have to put his name on the thing before you recognize that it is a monument to islamist murderers?

How does a crescent of trees point towards the mecca?

Malkin is a wack job, no doubt.

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