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September 02, 2005


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Apparently most people are looking for 100% perfection in the handling of this crisis. We are going to have millions of instant replays - getting into the slowest of "slo-mo" to show exactly where the mistakes were made and why things should have been done differently and better.

Sadly - real life doesn't include instant replay or slo-mo so we can get it right the first time. I'm going to call on all those who get minutely critical to get off their collective butts and actually do some of the hands on work! If you know what's wrong - then let's fix it. If you don't want to do that - then stop harping about what happened in the midst of total chaos and start focusing on how to fix things now and how to make response better in the future.

Reasonable review is good - it improves performance later. Things can always be done better.


Thanks for the link and TB.

Short version: My fault the TB didnt 'take.' My site has heavy traffic, is loading slowly and it caused a problem.

Thanks. :)

I am with the Anchoress. The delta which protected the Old New Orleans has been destroyed by humans who are smarter than nature. Rebuild further up the river above sea level. Houston is already far more of an industrial sucess than N.O. Duplicate the tourist attraction in a safe local.

Hei Sisu!

Ihan oikeasti? Siis sisun nimella kirjoitat?! Voi helevetti mika fasisti. Onks rakkaita sukuluaisiasi Lapuasta kotoisin? Hyi.

Tiedoksi vaan, koko maailma inhoaa Bushia ja nauraa katketakseen nyt, kun mies taas osoitatuu olevan tays pelle. Tapahtuisiko sellainen katastrofi esim. Alankomaissa? Saali vaan, etta niin upea kaupunki kuin New Orleans joutuu karsimaan rakas presidenttisi totaalisesta kyvyttomyydesta.

Takaisin Lapuaan vaan!

Matti Virtanen

Mina marukka?

They'll need many billions of yards of fill to raise the city. Maybe they'll 'float' it...

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