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September 06, 2005


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To each his own is what this country was supposed to be about. Those to whom human life is sacred are entitled to say so but not to belittle those who know we are born to die and it is just a matter of when. Certainly the animals that have shared their lives with me are worthy of a return of their affection. The same goes for those animals in distress who are companions of people anywhere.

I don't get the "either/or" attitude people have. My heart is big enough to accommodate pity for my fellow man, and compassion for animals. One does not demean or detract from the other. I thank God that my wallet is also big enough to support both causes.

When we had our dog Sam, there is no way I could've left her behind... she was part of the family. I'm sorry for people who can't understand that - what narrow lives they lead!

So, people give to animal rescue in times like this and special people make the effort to actually work on the rescues - it certainly doesn't impact the rescue of people one bit. Do they think someone will be left on a rooftop if a dog or cat or horse or even a bird is rescued? Good grief!

It's a completely different set of people working on each type of mission. That we have people willing to volunteer to do this type of rescue speaks very highly of the big hearts and wide charity of Americans.

May I suggest some animal charities?

Poppy Z Brite's cats: he ran a shelter for cats in New Orleans and was forced to leave because of Katrina

Also http://www.noahswish.com

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