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September 08, 2005


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Don`t mean to be picky, but are you sure that is Hiroshima A-bomb cloud. My military history studies pointed out that the photo B-29 following Enola Gay took pics but NONE turned out. The only pictures of the mushroom cloud in existence were taken from a handheld camera by a crewman and from looking at them it is obvious how they were taken. That film certainly cannot be the picture you displayed which is from the ground a long way away.
Maybe a checky-check testo-testo is in order?

You're probably right about my picture's not being of Hiroshima's mushroom cloud, Jerry . . . I did find this photo of "Little Boy" identified as "About one hour after the bombing. Picture taken by U.S. bomber 80 km away over the Seto Inland Sea":


The photo -- third on page --resembles but is not identical to the one I used (which, unfortunately, I could not seem to find again via Google).

Thanks for the new info. One can never have too many "checky-check testo-testos." :)

What we want to know is, how did Hillary vote when the Congress called for subsuming FEMA under Homeland Security?

She voted for it, of course.

The Senate precursor to the final bill that was passed (S. 2452) was introduced by Joe Lieberman and also included FEMA in DHS.

Max Cleland, Dick Durbin, and Harry Reid were all co-sponsors.

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