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September 07, 2005


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Does the soft feelgood generation have the "Moxie" (now there is a phrase that meant something to our "greatest generation") to face up to the real world? Do they even know that it exists? Bashing Bush will only lead to extinction at the hands of the Islamicist realists.

New Orleans simply can't be rebuilt on the present site. At least not with Federal (i.e., taxpayer) money. But, here is something that might work.

Dynamite all the buildings in the basin. Then, build a rail line out to the mountains where humongous amounts of rock can be quarried. Carry it to New Orleans by the train load and fill in the basin until it is at least 50 feet above sea level. Then re-build.

Thank you. Thank you. Applause not neccessary.

The Dutch don't have to deal with Cat 5 hurricanes. (Or cat 4 or cat 3) They have severe storms, but not on that scale.

I think we should rebuild New Orleans 30 miles inland - above sea level.

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