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August 30, 2005


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In a country with the land mass of the USA does it make sense to maintain a city below sea level? The Dutch have no alternative, and they are shielded from the ravages of the worst storms by their location. Maybe it is time for New Orleans to move on; i.e., father up the river on higher ground.

I agree with you goomp... unfortunately you and I both know it will never happen.

BTW - if you didn't see it, over at Blackfive, Matt had a post about Keesler AFB which was hit hard. About the first thing they put up on their web site to reassure people is that their pets are doing well in the shelter! I was surprised they were that thoughtful with everything else going on.

Excellent news, Sissy. Thank you!
I already gave some $ to the PetCo Katrina animal relief fund, but I may give some more to your Boston charity, too.
Our 4-legged companions must be saved along with the people!

Oof, sorry for the double ping. My internet connection is acting wiggy and it's not a good day for it.

I'll delete the extra. Thanks so much for your plug, Janette. :)

I'm a newbie to this site... I accidentally just stumbled across it really, but then I saw that you were posting on Katrina and I had to read. Mainly because I'm from New Orleans so this is highly pertainable to me.

I just read the comment by goomp and I have to say: I'm slightly offended. We're not talking a little town, we're talking a major American city that's been around for more than a couple of hundred years. Not only is it a wildly historic city, but it's also a port. Obviously, you can't take a port city away from the water. Besides there are a good million + citizens living there and many live below the poverty line. Coming from the city (literally as I just evacuated to Texas a week ago), I know that most of those people would not respond well to a lovely "Hey you- move!"

It's nice in theory, but you can't really pick up a major port city and move it away from the river.

Another thing I noticed about your site is the fundraising for animal rescue operations. I think that's amazing, and they need all of the support they can get. We had to leave all of our 7 cats behind in my house and I can't be more worried about them than I already am. I just hope my house doesn't have the 20 ft of water plaguing the other parts of the city.


It's been almost a year after katrina, but still we need volunteers urgently to feed and water animals.
Residents and out-of-towners desperately needed. Warehouse animal care needed. Can you help us?

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