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August 21, 2005


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"Never try to teach a pig to whistle. It wastes your time, and it annoys the pig."

Robert Heinlein, Mark Twain and Anonymous are credited for that line. Yes, some of us learned this lesson during our metamorphoses from liberals to independents to anti-idiotarians to republicans - a lesson as we attempted to argue with those who "remained behind" - those who looked back and simply could not leave their status quo comfort zones.

I am a sad little person looking for attention. [Post condensed for improved readability]

Wow, 'a fat Jew with one Catholic grandparent'. As if it matters. Sounds a tad like something Hitler would say. Nice to know what's on your mind. [Comment refers to deleted portion of previous comment.]

I can't say that I love liberals under any circumstances, but I do love seeing them mugged.

I love your moderation style, Sissy.

I suppose you could say we love it, since it happens to be the same mugging so many of us have gone thru in arriving at the "right" view of the human condition.

I look back on my youthful indoctrination (thats exactly what it was) by the liberal education and media engines, and wonder how any observant and intelligent soul ever bought that crap. But many of us did. Its good to know that over time truth will triumph in minds open to finding it.

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