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August 05, 2005


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In the days before the rise of the IM's everyone knew that shouting fire in a crowded theater where there was no fire was not free speech. It was a crime. Let's get back to reality.

This is a very tentative first step and given how the Bush administration just this past week started trying to rename the War on Terror to the Struggle Against Extremism I am not optimistic.

Everyone from Hugh Hewitt to Michelle Malkin to our administration want to separate Islam from the war we are waging and given Islams history I don't how they can explain that.


Granted I think in rather simplistic terms, but WHY can't we do this? Terrorism isn't just for islam-o-idiots; there would be a lot of rabid Mexican illegals who want to 'take back' the southern states leaving as well...

I agree. Should have done this before 7/7

I agree with the sentiment of your post. Pure hate and violence dressed up as devout religiosity is no different than the types of incitement to racism that here in the UK we frequently prosecute. I don't concede that this should have been done sooner, as if somehow that might have prevented what occured on 7/7 and two weeks later. Much grander tides are insighting such violence as parts of the world confront their dwindling ability to retain their supremacistic facistic designs. It is an ideal that is dieing as freedom spreads, and the violence we are dealing with is a consequence of that ideal being in its last, desperate throes.

Great blog btw :)

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