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August 16, 2005


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Something related here …

Osama bin Laden is NOT a human being!

Sounded scary, isn’t it?

More at http://divinetalk.blogspot.com/

Thanks for sharing that Sissy.

Seems we're thinking along parallel lines here. But you beat me to the punch with "Heads in the Sand." I've been comparing the Clinton Administration to ostriches with heads in the sand hoping terrorism would just go away for a week or so.

Also, did a bit on Theo Van Gogh in "..Know Your Enemy" http://mikesamerica.blogspot.com/#112336070607709123 citing Hirsi Ali.

Her voice, and that of moderate muslims brave enough to speak up, must be heard if we intend to deal effectively with the key to the issue of world terrorism.

Front Page Magazine has an interesting perspective on women and Islam. Males need the subjugation of women to cope with the sense of inferiority that many of them have.


Written from a Jewish, hard right point of view, but interesting.

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