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August 22, 2005


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Herein lies the dilemma. If only the best of human intentions could be controlled, we could have a perfect society. It cannot be done. Human nature is what it is, and only a free society that strives for equal righs for those who abide by the rules can offer us hope of a rewarding life. Understand Darwin, but allow the human spirit to believe in miracles?

Although it progresses through the arc - I don't believe the pendulum has swung quite far enough for the conservative side to start getting complaisant. For one thing the mindset hasn't changed yet. They still consider themselves to be the underdog - even when they have a majority in Congress they still act in this manner.

It is when you start feeling as if you have control that you start letting the fuzzy thinking enter. There are always people who are just simply bad debaters (no matter the side), but on the whole I don't see the type of liberal lapses taking place quite yet in quite the numbers needed to cause a problem.

I also don't see the liberals getting any better in their debating style which is helping things along. I think we have to wait another 10 years to see where it goes.

You might be interested in a new article by Charles Murray (of "The Bell Curve" fame - race and IQ and genetics). It is called the Inequity Taboo and was published on-line today. Info can be found at my blog.


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