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August 13, 2005


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Inasmuch as the USA was a democracy -- even though not for everyone -- in the pre-Civil War days. it was harder for General Forrest to win the hearts and minds of the people of the Confederacy. Only a minority joined in his Klan. In Iraq the prevailing goverment was overthrown and left a much larger pool of people who wished to restore the repression of the past. Wake up IM America. Appreciate and support what the USA has done and is doing to forward freedom in the Arab world of Klan mentality.

"the left who would turn hearts and minds against our country, both at home and abroad"

The Bush administration is doing a fine job of turning hearts and minds against our country; your boogeyman "left" doesn't need to lift a finger.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your "thoughts," Lo Ping Wong. :)

You need to do a little historical research search about the KKK and Nathan Bedford Forrest. The modern clan is not an offshoot of the original Klan (even the spelling is slightly different). Shortly after the end of the civil war southern soldiers (upon returning home) found a country over ran with carpet baggers and lawlessness. The armies of the north were unable, unwilling or corrupt to help a disposed enemy... The original Klan was devised to combat the problem, in many parts of the south it was the only law and order. The original purpose of the Klan was no longer needed once marshal law was rescinded and order returned. Forrest and other Southern leaders ordered the Klan disbanded in the early 1870's, to prevent lawless elements from using the clan for other political purposes. Forrest and other southern leaders did not condone lynching or murder of innocent civilians (black nor white). The modern clan was largely founded by veterans of WW1 and took the name and symbols from DW Griffith’s movie (Birth of a Nation). Today the vast majority of clan membership is north of the Mason Dixon line and West of the Mississippi. You do a disservice to Southerners, Southern heritage and the Descendents of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Allow me to set things straight.

This is what happens when you rely upon the "Good old Southern gentlemen" for "law and order".

Hayes pledged protection of the rights of Negroes in the South, but at the same time advocated the restoration of "wise, honest, and peaceful local self-government." This meant the withdrawal of troops. Hayes hoped such conciliatory policies would lead to the building of a "new Republican party" in the South, to which white businessmen and conservatives would rally.

The historical parallels are even stronger than noted in the artlce and the blog comments.

Grant sent troops to the south and protected the blacks, by executing and exterminating the KKK. The Republican party gained power in the South. In Grant's second term, he lacked political power because of scandals, and did not send troops. The blacks were slaughtered, and the Democrats gained government power in the South.

Hayes then trusted the Southern gentlemen to "take care of things", which meant to take care of the blacks and the consolidation of Democratic party power.

Hayes knew he was betrayed, and sickened by the corruption of politics to his inherent honesty, did not seek a second term.

The Republican party has a chance to repeat their mistakes in the past, by pulling troops out of Iraq. And the Democratic party yet again, recieves a chance to slaughter innocent men and women through political deals and ambition. We shall see how history plays out.

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