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August 09, 2005


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I have a hard enough time keeping up with the lightbulbs we have now...

Although I do like the daylighting thing *grin*... maybe candles at night... save all that electricity for our computers.

Had to link this. I've been preaching this stuff for years: sick and depressed people need to either get out into the sunshine, or open their drapes and blinds. And I can speak from experience, and as a True Believer: the full spectrum lights work miracles!

"Baby-boom homeowners hoping to get rid of glaring overhead light that emphasizes wrinkles, eye bags and double chins."

I just walk around with a gauze filter in front of my face all the time.

(and, jeez, your cats travel?! I'm impresed.)

The house, built in the 1880's, that I grew up in had windows everywhere, which was, I think, meant to save money on expensive lighting.

All of them drafty double hung sash windows though which, by the time I was growing up, meant any savings in lighting were more than eaten up in Winter heating bills.

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