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August 24, 2005


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Do you suppose that if one is accepted as a loved member of one's family and has reasonably good acceptance by those outside the family, there is enough feeling of achievement so that the feelings of guilt and shame which we all have to some extent can be ameliorated to keep fantasized acts of destruction under control? I don't feel that as much as I would like to destroy those whose actions I abhor that my shame insists that I actually kill them. I sublimate my desire with wishes. Is it because my shame is less or because of the culture in which I live?

Ah, Yasser, that wily dessert rat.

Speaking about the Oslo accords out of one side of his mouth; stuffing the other side of his mouth with Key Lime Pie, cheesecake, and prune Danish.

Sez Yasser, "I can't stand those Jews, but they do know how to make a cheesecake."

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