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August 30, 2005


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"So much bigger than all our fears" is the best coverage of New Orleans vs Katrina that I have read. Yahoo News thought the event was about Global warming caused by man. IMs.

I'm not a financial genius, and there's probably logical reasons why my suggestion is ridiculous - but right now, it makes sense to me. All that money the govenrment takes out of our paychecks - why don't they pass an emergency measure to DONATE that to the hurricane-batterd region? We get it taken out anyway, and we wouldn't miss it. It's way more than I can afford to donate myself. The government could take it out of paychecks of certain areas each month - just once for every employed person. I guess there would be those who'd complain they have a right to say, "don't take mine" - but really, once it's out of your paycheck, it's the government's anyway, right? I just think this would be a faster, and more productive way to gain the funds so badly needed for refugees resettling, and the rebuilding of the area. Laugh at this if you will, I just thought it was a good idea.


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