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July 28, 2005


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Let us hope that the influence of the Sixties Nut Cakes is submerging under the true reality of Human Nature as expressed by the realist media and the stalwarts of the blogosphere.

Hollywood celebrity moonbats explained in one brilliant post!

Well, that's one I hadn't thought of yet - equating them with the 60's generation. It's very apt indeed. I couldn't figure out the 60's libs either - they made absolutely no sense at all. Just as these jihadists don't make any sense.

Oh yeah, I heard some blurbs earlier today about the reformulation of the foam not being stable enough. All I could think was... well geeze how many space shuttles do we have? Would that small amount of freon REALLY cause a big problem with anyone but a Hollywood leftie? And do the lefties who condone the blackmail of government to make shuttles into flying fireballs also take responsibility for the deaths they've caused?

Sissy, I've linked this entry on my blog, since TypePad's trackback tool seemed to not work for you. I've read and enjoyed your writing many times and I'm a quadruple-feline owner through pet adoption and then marriage!

Best regards,


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