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July 20, 2005


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Seems like Bush pere really wasn't on top of things and lacked an overall understanding of Saddam. Sort of a Chamberlain guy. W looks more like Winnie.

I notice that you edit my grammar. Thank you. My subject and verb rarely agree. English is still my second language.

A. The entire Rove foofah is totally without basis.

B. John Roberts IS a good nominee and we should ALL be letting our Senators know that they will pay a price for non-support.

c. What happened in '91 is proof of what happens when you "back off" these tinpot demagogues and unprincipled despots. George W. Bush (Bush 43) knows that and knows his way is the right way to handle these fanatical murderers of the innocent.

Minh-Duc - I honor and applaud you.

Thanks for yet another reminder that Bush Jr is a big improvement on Bush Sr.

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