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July 02, 2005


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Excellent report and analysis. Dumbed-down Americans don't have workable solutions. They do have hubris.

Excellent post, Sissy. Great minds think alike

Its amazing the skepticism here in regards to a noble cause. Bob Geldof and Bono were partly responsible for making sure aid is focused. Does no one remember Bonos trips to Africa with Paul O'Neill? Geldof, Bono and others have been focused on focusing aid through responsible organizations. Music was partly responsible for South African independence, Mandelas release, The fall of Communist Russia, the fall of the Berlin wall, the end of the Vietnam war, awareness of Chinese oppression in Tibet. Don't believe the hype. Music is a powerful mind altering force. Politicians often wish it wasn't so. Tricky Dick Nixon did all he could to keep John Lennon quiet but we see how that turned out. America could do much more as far as aid goes. The U.K. is the country that is pushing this issue. American values teach self preservation not love thy neighbor and I think thats obvious from the posts on this blog. Realism is realized through idealism. Ask Thomas Edison or Jules verne or H.G. Wells. First you have to dream it before it becomes a reality. This blog could use a few dreaming heads.

How sad and full of yourself you are. Do you know the story of "Why the chimes rang"? Those who make a lot of noise imagine themselves to be the ones that make things happen, while it is actually the ones who work quietly behind the scenes that effect change.

Yeah the same ones that quickly bombed little children in Iraq for the oil when they could have peacefully disarmed the despot.

Hey and I remember reading some serious anti-Galloway stuff here before Gorgeous George handed Norm Coleman his ass. Isn't it funny how the whole oil for food scandal has somehow fallen off the radar since America was exposed as the largest beneficiary? And you don't hear a peep around here about it. Great blog by the way. If you like BS.

africans for the first 60 yrs of the last century were victims of foriegn politics over the last 40 yrs they have been victims of african politics///there will be no change in the african situation no matter how much aid is given until the politicians of that continent decide to truly look out for their people

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