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July 01, 2005


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Is Brian another member of the 'IM' generation?

Williams indefensible insinuation on 09/11/01, that President Bush is a coward; "underground bunker, underground bunker, underground bunker..." stands as what it is, but I think this is a false meme.

After all, how else would George III's government view the colonists?

And no, I have no illusions as to how he uses his "Bulls**it pulpit.

Hi Sissy,

Brian Williams is with NBC News, not CBS. But with all the news surrounding Mr. Williams of late, I can understand why you would link him with CBS.

It does make one consider that all MSM news organizations should just change their titles/call letters to "MSM" and simply be done with it.

- Barry

Egad. Thanks, Barry ('have corrected it and am now madly washing my paw). GREAT idea re changing 'em all to MSM. :)

Oh, and very funny picture pairing. I've never seen them together.

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