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July 22, 2005


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Keep your chin up. I've been a Mac user since 1989 and I have helped about 20 switchers through the conversion...which I know can be trying at times. Just remember, it is worth it.

Do not overlook using Apple's support forums for help http://discussions.info.apple.com/ . People there will go to extraordinary lengths to help out a switcher since we are all evangelists for the platform to some degree and we want "newbies" to be happy with their choice.

Another picture that says; "Why yes, I make my own light."

You will love OSX-native Photoshop. One area in which speed does definitely not kill.

Pat's right about the forums, although I still can't get the G4s to digest Panther-may just try going straight to Tiger.

LOL - well, it looks like you're hanging in there - fingernails and all. That "translation" stuff will make your head explode I think. *grin*

Maybe pretend you don't know how to do certain things at all. Then read about how to do it on a Mac like it's all new... learn that way - then once you know how it works via the directions - ask the gurus if there are any shortcuts.

After you become a super Mac guru - you can then go forth and help others in the same boat. ;-)

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