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July 25, 2005


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Glad to see rumblings of reality in the British media.

One hopes this is soon enough. Reality is amoral; it cares not whether an individual, a community, or a state perceives reality in time.

The price to pay for this juvenile refusal to acknowledge the evil before us is annihilation. I hope the rest of the US and the UK wake up before action is moot.

Neo-cons are ex-Democrats. Hardly harbingers of the theory of moral decay.

I myself am a neo-con. I favor democracy, whiskey, sexy. Sex, drugs, roc 'n roll even.

I think the film maker has confused the neo-cons with Jerry Fallwell.

A classic case of garbage-in, garbage-out. Or as I would put it - you can't comment usefully on cultures you don't understand.

Too little too late. You've probably got 5000+ potential terrorists in Londonistan alone, and when you attempt to deport them that's when the real bombing campaign is likely to begin.

The suicidal European left will still continue looking for a way to blame the West and particularly the U.S. for the berserker rage of radical Islam. Remember the Indepedent's Robert Fisk? After he was set upon by a Muslim mob and beaten, he wiped away the blood and blamed America. Same deal.

"Or as I would put it - you can't comment usefully on cultures you don't understand."

You're right. Point of reference, the British writer Decca Aitkenhead who had this clever bit to say recently, "I Love New York [referring to the "I {heart} NY" advertising logo] was a clever response to 9/11, capturing both the city's need to win back fearful tourists, and the affection inspired by its trauma." As anyone who understands America would know, that slogan has been adorning T-shirts, mugs and sundry other items for about 30 years now.


And here's one from Jonathan Freedland in the The Age newspaper in Australia last year reporting during the US presidential election: "Because of that event [9/11], the US has re-imagined itself as a victim nation: witness the yellow-ribbon bumper-stickers, usually bearing the slogan "Support America". (Ribbons were previously reserved for the suffering: red for AIDS, pink for breast cancer.)"

He has no clue that the yellow ribbon pre-dated all the other ribbons and in fact inspired those later AIDS and breast cancer ribbons. And he as no clue that the yellow ribbon isn't about suffering, it's about hope. It stands for hope in being reunited with a loved one currently far away. He just doesn't get anything about what the yellow ribbon is about and still feels free to make a sweeping generalization about America based on his false premise. Get a clue, buddy, and then open your mouth.

Quote courtesty of Tim Blair's site (quoted in the Comments section): http://timblair.spleenville.com/archives/007848.php

Maybe I'm wrong, but didn't we (the US) pull out of Saudi Arabia, meeting one of Osamma's demands about garisonning the holy peninsula or something?

If the left is so ready to surrender, where do they show up in their top hats and tails if we did elect them? Some cave in Pakistan? This is more like fighting a civilizational disease than a war.

What is there to negotiate with these people? An end to the American presence in Saudi Arabia?

Er, I hope he realizes that the reason al Qaeda wants the Americans out of Saudi Arabia is to make it easier to overthrow the House of Saud...

To be blunt, negotiating an end of the state of Israel would be more likely than negotiating to give al Qaeda control of the energy source that powers the economies of the industrialzied world.

The slowness with which we're coming around to hating our enemies is finally just boring. Can we please pick up the pace?

This sort of insanity has been going on a long time. I don't recall a single Bob Dylan song protesting the gulags or lamenting Idi Amin or the Khmer Rouge. Even today where's Audioslave's forceful rhetoric when it comes to Islamic fundamentalists stoning homosexuals?

I don't know if this tendency to self-criticize came from Vietnam, but it's high-time we move from self-critique to self-defense.


Decca Aitkenhead was half onto something. After 9/11, Milton Glaser, who designed the original "I (Heart) NY" and gave the copyright to New York State, redesigned it with a little singed spot near the bottom and the legend, "I (Heart) NY More Than Ever."

I know about this because I designed my own post-9/11 T-shirt -- "I (Heart) NY," except the heart was broken. The T-shirt company would only make me two of them. They said more than that, even to give to friends, might be a copyright violation. That was what I wore for mourning for the first couple of months. (I live in Greenwich Village.)

(I thought my idea was better than Milton Glaser's.)

Your idea was brilliant, my dear. :)

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