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July 08, 2005


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No more having to download driver software every time you install something. The Mac is plug and play.

No more spyware. Apple will alert you when they have system updates and virus updates.



In two years plus of using OSX my Mac has never crashed. Not once. No more blue screen of death.

One caveat: as nice a browser as Safari is, my version does not play well with TypePad. Download a free copy of Firefox for OSX. All the TypePad Rich Text icons work with Firefox.

Who hoo! You got one. Congratulations.

Let me know if you get Firefox to work with Tiger. That's the one browser that won't work for me. Safari, OmniWeb, Camino, even the outdated IE works.

But Thunderbird works, go figure.

Congrats on the new toy - hope you LOVE it! *grin* Mac doesn't work with my work stuff - and yes I tried all kinds of things... *sigh* so I stick with PC's - but I don't have the trouble others do...

BTW - I've got a 4 year old W2K (it's server instead of workstation because of various work related reasons). It never crashes or blue screens and I've never ever had a problem downloading pictures...

Maybe it's just me? Although I do have to replace the CD burner and I'm putting it off because I just hate opening the thing up and messing with all the wires.

So, do you like it?

I love my Windows XP. Have not experienced any of the problems mentioned above since we got our new computer w/XP last Dec and then got Road Runner. All updates automatic, etc.

Mac does interest me, and Rush SWEARS by them!

Welcome to the light.

I feel the green-eyed monster leering over my shoulder.

Interesting note from Mog. My G4s don't even want to play with Panther, and Safari doesn't want to play with TypePad. Firefox has been my savior there.

I am using Firefox 1.0.4. That is the most recent for OSX.

How do I love thee, dear readers? Let me count the ways. Thanks for your wonderful comments and concern. I'm all aglow. 'Will report back as revelations occur. :)

That looks so amazing! I'm running an ancient P-3 with Gentoo linux and a dying monitor. Maybe the timing will work out that I'll actually have some money when this bad boy dies.

Hooray, Sissy.

As it happens, I went to the Apple Store in Cambridge on Saturday for something totally unrelated, and ended up bringing home a Mac Mini for myself. :)

After updating the installed OSX to Tiger, Firefox was the first thing I downloaded and installed, with no problems.

No more having to download driver software every time you install something. The Mac is plug and play.

No more spyware. Apple will alert you when they have system updates and virus updates.

Now, I use Macs and Windows and Linux all, together, so I don't have a specific dog in the fight, so to speak, but this isn't quite true and isn't quite different from Windows.

Spyware isn't something Apple can stop; just as anyone can install spyware on Windows if you run software that installs spyware, so anyone could do it on MacOS. Expect people of the mores bastardly sort to do so rapidly.

Apple doesn't do virus updates, that I know of. Certainly not on my copies of OSX, have they ever done any updates related to antivirus software or the like. If they're fixing virus-related bugs, they're close-lipped about it.

Windows does do automatic software updates, and has since at least Win2K.

And lastly, you may well need to install drivers at some point, if you get something weird enough on a USB or FireWire port.
(Windows also supports many typical USB and FireWire devices without special drivers)... of course, with an iMac, you'll never have to worry about a PCI card driver or 3rd party video card, really.

No point, really, except that MacOS isn't that much different in these regards from Windows.

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