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July 07, 2005


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The IM's still don't get it but they have to learn that their choice is to become a devout Muslim or be dead unless they eliminate the terrorists.

I was reading a blurb on Instapundit that had a link to a map - showing that the attacks all took place near heavily Muslim areas of the city. This could be coincidence... or maybe not. Or it could just be that the Muslims planting the bombs wouldn't be so noticeable among many like them. *sigh*

As for the computer - Unless you do heavy graphic work or very intense processor work - go for as much memory as you can afford - and step down in price on the processor. No less than 512 of RAM and up to 1 Gig if you can manage.

Processor speeds looking like something out of an extreme racing guide... don't make a hill of beans difference in the general use world. Most programs in use don't even approach using half the speed offered - even on lesser machines. It's the RAM that counts and the cache. The video RAM being higher is nice too but not absolutely necessary if you don't game.

It's amazing and horrifying what some people will "sleep" through, or ignore. How many have to die beore they get it?

I thought maybe TypePad ate your morning as it did mine-for the third day in a row.

Their response was; "Uh, maybe we were er, like, oh, working on the um, server, or something."

Gosh, for us in grad school, Fortran was the shiny new toy.

Teresa nails it for most folks. Unfortunately (or not) I run 3D modeling and animation apps and regularly process 1Gb PShop files. Always compelled to "keep up with the Lucases".

"We will not be terrorized" is the perfect antidote to terrorism. To render any activity ineffective is the best way to end it. It is not necessarily easy.

My only suggestion for a new computer is get a dual monitor video card.

Friends don't let friends buy PCs. Get a Mac and you'll never have a problem downloading a photo again!

Check my latest post. I followed your advice pre-emptively. :)

Michael Dell sells cheap PC's but the top of the line are ok from what I read. Of course I prefer a Mac although there are times and programs that are PC only. For a PC, I prefer Alienware or do it yourself. I've researched it and will make my own.

If Tuck can hold out, expect Apple to release a MacTel laptop next year which should be awesome.

Oops! I double pinged. Sorry.

; )

Fixed the link, my bad!

; )

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