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July 18, 2005


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Kitties in tandem! And to think I complain when I have one on my keyboard or messing with my mouse...

Did the G5 pass the kitty smell test?

It is good to see Mac late of the Orient Express peaceflly amid the kitties in her new home.

Congrats, I won't let my kitties near my iMac, they'd get fur all over it, chew the cables although they would have a hard time with the kensington lock. I have it chained to the desk.

Photoshop, insert CD, should have an installer, if it doesn't start automatically will have a package to click on. Everything on a Mac installs easy and the only things that require a reboot are security and quickime updates, maybe java but that's it.

Think Tiny or Baby want to carnival?


Hey congrats! We're all Powerbooks on this end, which can be a problem when Chloe decides to sleep on one ...

Hope you're enjoying the new toys... even if the kitties could care less! *grin*

Thanks for all the encouragement, gentle readers. 'Am having fun, of course, but still don't know whether cats will sit atop the display panel -- only 2.2 inches deep. Also printer -- Canon MP700 -- has no driver for Mac (Apple store man told me yesterday I should strangle the Canon people). Photoshop still an issue, as my disk is Windows specific, but Apple people think Adobe will give me a deal.

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