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July 16, 2005


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Your post motivated me to investigate whether previous Harry Potter books have been translated into Arabic. My very quick search indicated that it had and was available in Egypt, at least. It is probably too subversive for Syria, though...

'Don't know about Syria, but apparently the books are off limits for United Arab Emirates kids on accounta they're "too violent, anti-family and go against the Islamic religion." Don't you love the "too violent" part?

You don't wanna know what happens when my imagination takes over! ;)

HA! I'm like Elrond. However, I didn't like let a guilty person go free or convict an innocent man. Both of those are equally abhorrent. So I chose the innocent man being convicted, because perhaps he'll be protected against the crazies in society :P

I had the same dilemma as you, andophiroxia, with that question, and I made the same less-than-perfect choice. :)

Yes, it was a relativist test, was it not?

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