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July 05, 2005


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Gorgeous sunrise (and the shot on the table).

Weirdness is: it took me two hours to post a measly article this morning. Either my server was into the gin or TypePad's hiding something.

I took it out on SBC, to little avail, but things improved when I swapped ends with the Enet cable. ???

Sissy, you take some of the most beautiful photographs.

How do you do the thin black border/little bitty drop shadow thing? I really like that effect. Is that built into your blog template or is it something you do to your jpegs?

Mr. Kurtz -- I checked over at TypePad, and they were up to something they acknowledged might slow things down.

Elisson: Thanks for the nice comments. Here's my secret re black borders with little bitty drop shadows:

Using Photoshop:

1. Select all, cut and paste your image, giving you a new layer.

2. With this new layer -- called "Layer 1" in the Layers Menu (assuming you know what I'm talking about at this point) -- highlighted, right click on "Blending Options" and in succession check "Stroke" (for the black border) and "Outer Glow" for the itty bitty drop shadow. You'll have to play around with numbers and colors to get just the look you want.

That sounds awfully complicated. 'Hope it helps.

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